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Benji is a graduate of Handley High School, and has been with NW Works for over 15 years. Benji describes his disability as having "just a little bit of downs syndrome", and is a well known KISS collector. "I like the workshop because they give me a job to do and I'm good at it. I make money which I spend on KISS stuff and my girlfriend. I like it when people come to visit the WorkCenter from other businesses to see what we do." "I like to speak in public." Feel free to call us to invite Benji and our team to speak at your business or civic group!


"My Name is Ashley but my nephew Michael calls me Sissy and I'm a people person. I love my jobs in the WorkCenter but I'm also looking for a part-time job in the community. I do embossing in the mailroom with Susan and heat sealing Rubbermaid kits with Tim. I am also proud to be a member of the Kiwanis Aktion Club. I treat my friends with respect and expect others to treat me the same way. My boyfriend also works at NW Works so stop by and see us sometime."


"Hi my name is Courtney. I want to tell you about my accident. I had just turned 16 when I was in a car accident which left me disabled. I have what's called a traumatic brain injury. Now I work at NW Works. I really do like all of the jobs at the WorkCenter, but my goal is to eventually work in the community." Courtney is an outgoing and enthusiastic individual, and we're confident that she'll reach her goal soon!


“My very favorite job (at NW Works) is working for Executive Protection Systems cleaning hoods. Other than work, I also like to go shopping and buy clothes and food.” Cornelia has been with NW Works for more than 15 years and lives in an independent apartment with the help of staff from Shenandoah Valley Community Residences. Cornelia has multiple disabilities, including a hearing impairment. Cornelia is a great employee who brings accuracy and quality work to any job she undertakes.


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