Job Coaching

Job Coaching Job Coaching is the first step to providing the supports necessary to meet a client’s individual needs to help ensure he or she is successful in their community job. The job coach works with the client to provide one-on-one assistance while the client learns and masters their job tasks. As the client becomes more independent with their job, the job coach also helps the client to find natural supports to assist them, such as managers or coworkers. The ultimate goal is that the client will learn to utilize these natural supports while the job coach slowly fades out of the picture. At that point, the client is then working completely independently at their community job. This is important for them for two reasons: 1) it provides them the opportunity to be part of and give back to their community; and 2) it provides them with a sense of accomplishment, as well as pride in themselves and their community.

For more information on our Job Services, please contact Senior Employment Services Supervisor Michelle Andreani at 540-313-9445 or via e-mail at