ShreddingNW Works Shredding is a full service document destruction service. NW Works Shredding offers scheduled service, one-time pickups, and drop-off service. All shredding is done at our site to retain confidentiality and cost-effectiveness.Let us handle all of your shredding needs so that your employees can get back to their daily jobs. No job is too big or too small. Businesses and households welcome. Contact Charles Harbaugh at 540-667-0809, or via email at

NW Works’ shredding was started so our clients could use their unique skills to serve the community. Each piece of paper brought to our facility provides meaningful, paid employment for our clients.

Our Available  Service Options:

  • One-Time: We’ll pick up your documents and transfer them in a locked container to our facility where they will be destroyed beyond reconstruction.
  • Scheduled: We provide a locked bin, you discard your documents, and we’ll service it! Once a month, once a week, or anything in between.
  • On-Demand: We provide a locked bin, you call us when it is full and we’ll come pick it up.
  • Drop Off: One box or a truckload, bring them to our facility for truly low-cost shredding. Perfect for households!


Shredding“NW Works is among a new breed of non-profit organizations that operate and generate self sustaining business enterprises. Known as ‘Social Entrepreneurs,’ we operate our organization with solid business principles, while remaining focused on our primary mission – to help individuals with disabilities reach their employment goals. We expect to have nearly 70 percent of our income from self-generated sources. This keeps us grounded in long term sustainability.” ~ John Brauer, Former CEO, NW Works, Inc.


Our secure chain of custody ensures your data stays confidential.

  1. You dispose of documents in the provided bins.
  2. Your bin is locked and replaced or the old bag is removed and replaced with an empty one.
  3. The locked service container is transported back to our facility.
  4. Your documents are mixed with documents from other customers and sorted according to paper type.
  5. The material is shredded, resulting in impossible-to-reconstruct material.
  6. The paper is baled and sent to a recycling plant to be used again.