Welcome to NW Works

Posted on by jbrauer

Before we dive into the many topics outlined in the first blog, I thought I should share a bit of information about NW Works and about what we do here.

As mentioned previously, NW Works provides training and paid work services to approximately to about 170 people each year. While one needs to have a disability to enter the program, once someone is here, we see them as individuals, and their disability data becomes just one more piece of information as we strive to find meaningful employment that matches their hopes, abilities and dreams.  

Work is an important part of most people’s lives, and perhaps even more so for individuals with disabilities: work is one way for them to lead more normal lives- to interact with co-workers, to build self-esteem, to earn their own paycheck, and perhaps most importantly, to build an identity as a contributor to their community rather than someone who solely relies on others.

The majority our workers come to us with limited work experience, have huge gaps in their employment record, or in many cases, have never worked before Through a unique combination of support services, on-the-job-training and job development and retention services, we provide our clients with opportunities to develop the skills and confidence necessary to enhance their lives, and in many cases, secure meaningful employment. Our trainees learn appropriate work behaviors, attitudes, social and work skills while getting paid.  They gather in a work environment, either on-site or off, which creates a sense of self-worth while helping to remove their dependency on governmental subsidies to survive.

Our service delivery continuum includes on- and off-site paid training and work, including three business enterprises that NWW owns and runs: a full service custodial business, a landscaping enterprise, and a shredding endeavor—which, combined, employs over 50 individuals and brings in $1.6 million dollars per year. In-facility, NWW has several enterprises, including a shredding business, a mailroom operation, and general production services which provides work for companies such as Rubbermaid, HP Hood, TREX, and American Woodmark.

All of our client employees are encouraged to move up, down or horizontally along an employment continuum as best meets their needs at any one time. Ultimately, our goal is to help each person reach their fullest potential, and if at all possible, to seek community based employment with a private employer.

In addition to the work services described, NW Works also provides a full array of support services designed to enhance our employee’s feelings of health, well-being and educational needs, including such services as yoga, dance and music therapy, computer training, social and community outings, arts and crafts, work in our sustainable gardens, and dozens of other options to compliment work-related goals.

For more information about NW Works, I invite you to explore our website at www.nwworks.com.